Billy Ray Pettit
Billy Ray Pettit
Billy Ray Pettit

Hanging on by a thread

album: Grievance
genre: Christian
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I know, It's my fault again, I should have never let you go that way. For a reason, only time can tell, If she'd ever remember me. (Chorus) I'm tired of my...
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I was very suicidal during this time in my life although I never tried to kill myself thoughts were constant and I wrote about it a lot
Hanging on by a thread
Billy Ray Pettit
06/02/19 05:04:13PM @billy-ray-pettit:
Thank you Tony,,,,, as my list grows on the site here, my least favorite post last because I shouldn’t be my own critic. If that makes sense.
tony cee
06/02/19 03:14:21PM @tony-cee:
nice tune billy love the lyrics , superb sound you have on those guitars , sounds powerful, cheers tony cee


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