Still Here - ft. P. Eric Bailey

album: On My Own
genre: R&B
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Still Here - ft. P. Eric Bailey
09/04/19 01:13:47PM @billyd:
Thx Carol Sue!
Nexxzit - im so glad you could relate to the message.
I have missed you all and thank you!

carol sue
08/26/19 08:18:11AM @carol-sue:
I'm so happy you're still here! :)
I've missed hearing your amazing music and seeing your sunny personality.
Stay blessed my friend, always a fan I am.. I am! Love your song!!*****

08/24/19 11:24:40AM @nexxzit:
Inspirational, nice work, as a Cancer Survivor, I feel you bro!!!
08/23/19 10:58:53AM @billyd:
This song is the final song...a culmination of many years of healing through music & song. I have shared my deepest moments through my music and it has lead me to this song. Proud of the journey. Last chapter. Happy to finally share it as a thank you!


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