Billy Ray Pettit
Billy Ray Pettit

You Got a Right

album: Grievance
genre: Rock
streams: 23

  Song Lyrics
You Got A Right (Intro) Ahhhh Yeah,,, All this talkin shit. You're a bad ass. Tough girl. (Verse1) I got to see it to believe it if you tell me, I...
  Song Information
This song is about a girl who I used to could not stand. Maybe I was jealous of her I don’t know but she made me sick at my stomach. Always hustling and...
You Got a Right
tony cee
04/12/19 01:27:25PM @tony-cee:
brilliant track billy superb vocal , and guitar work , very catchy tune , cheers tony cee
04/12/19 12:05:39PM @tlt50:
You rock brotha'.... Brilliant track ***** :)

Larry T.

carol sue
04/12/19 09:29:20AM @carol-sue:
Smile maker! :)
Energy creator.
Pure excellence.
I feel totally rocked!
Love it! -Bravo-

Frank Northcutt
04/12/19 08:33:40AM @frank-northcutt:
Ah, yes! A classic, Billy. Remember it well. Rocks hard and relentlessly. Great work!


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