Blue Moon Harem
Blue Moon Harem

Here I Am

album: Finland
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 97

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HERE I AM  Precious Jesus               Almighty King My God, my friend              My everything  Precious Jesus               Almighty King My God, my...
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A song depicting the glory of God and a person crying out to Him to do whatever it takes to light a fire in him for the presence of God. I realize that...
Here I Am
01/10/19 06:03:06PM @moquinn:
yes, I am drawn into this song also ~ it is a powerful song for several reasons (as mentioned by @lyrical-princess) ~ thank you for making this available to download so I may listen to it again & again & thank you for sharing your music with us all
carol sue
10/20/17 04:04:22PM @carol-sue:
Still love this song!
Lyrical Princess
01/08/15 04:41:08PM @lyrical-princess:
I've heard this song played in the chat more times than I can remember. I've always been drawn into it. Perhaps it's because I relate to it. Or , it could be the excellent musicianship, vocals, lyrics & melody.. Most likely it's all of the above. I enjoy it more & more every time I hear it. 5***** Thank you so much for the D/L

All The Best,


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