This Is What We Do

album: tba
genre: Hip-Rock
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This is what we do, and we like it. This is what we do when we walk together. This is what we do, forever. This is what we do!   This is what we do, if you...
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Music: Heinz Karnitschar Lyrics: Heinz Karnitschar   Lead- & Rhythm Guitar: David Barnes Keyboard, Drum-Programming, FX, Synthesizer: Heinz Karnitschar...
This Is What We Do
05/26/18 11:22:01PM @moquinn:
Welcome back ~ love this ~ so glad I am able to download songs from your Mix page
10/26/16 01:06:15PM @blue-sahara:

Thank you very much Maureen!!! I really appreciate your lovely comments on our song. It means a lot! :)

10/24/16 10:22:41PM @moquinn:

Gotta smile as what @david-c-deal wrote :) ~ I heard this song on MixPosure radio this evening  on Jim R's show ~  love the beat & it makes me smile ~ &  I sure do need some smiles ~  thanks for sharing....Maureen AKA Moe

10/20/16 09:49:47PM @blue-sahara:

Hello David, thank you very much! I am happy you've enjoyed the listen. :)

10/20/16 07:20:09PM @david-c-deal:

Welcome back...You create a fine, uplifting feel in this song... each time the chorus comes in I can't help but "bop" to it. Most creative folks.


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