Acoustic Latin

album: 009
genre: Acoustic
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Acoustic Latin
06/30/09 12:18:24PM @vesa:
Love this vibe, cool percussives and a very fine mellow groove. One of my fave genres. Love free flowing latin rhythm...You do a fine change in there, makes for some variance. The guitar has a wonderful it, most relaxing, just my ticket for today. Very cool progression. EXCELLENT composition. Very good arranging. Like the tone on the guitar. Catchy phrasing. Into my faves it goes. Worth more relaxing listens.FAB!
Great! -your friend. -Vesa.

06/29/09 03:01:26PM @vahur-krautman:
Very smooth tune with a really pleasing melody and rythm. Makes me want to start taking dance lessons again =)
Lyrical Princess
06/29/09 02:20:38PM @lyrical-princess:
This is a truly Beautiful work of art.. Sheer listening pleasure to my ears :)
All The Best,

07/05/09 06:35:10AM @mark-reed:
This is a well structured piece, a positive backing and some nicely phrased guitar work. Like how you put this together. Clean sound and a wide mix enjoyed this one well done


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