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Bob Ross
Bob Ross

After the Storm

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genre: Bass
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This is an instrumental 'bass on bass' piece with a synth melody as a theme. It started when I was noodling around with a chord progression on the bass and...
After the Storm
02/14/18 01:30:22AM @saturated:
Very cool! Tune flows along with nice melody.. great out of the box thinking kind of music!
02/13/18 10:33:17PM @moquinn:
What can I say that hasn't already been expressed ~ sometimes I need to rock & sometimes I need to be soothed....this soothes me ~ thanks for sharing ...Moe
PS & a couple of minutes into the track it just gets better & better as the beat picks up & you hear the sounds of the storm in the distance ~ loved this

09/03/15 11:52:39PM @cooter:
I think "noodling around" may be the birth of many tunes. Saw on a TV show recently that the Kansas tune Dust In The Wind started as a guitar finger picking warm up exercise. Another very cool tune, Bob!
09/01/15 03:28:35AM @petetebar:
Dude, awesome bass playing and arrangement. Top notch stuff Bob, congrats!
08/30/15 09:34:40PM @abysss:
Awsome recording here .... love it.
03/16/13 08:11:50PM @tlt50:
Bro....~Stellar~ ...musicianship...sweet chops,from the bass...!!! very cool....*****

Larry T

04/12/11 09:04:37AM @lucindra:
It's never easy to feature the bass....especially full length through a kept my attention !!.....but I love my basses.....nice melody....very uplifting and tranquile.....nice job !!


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