Brent Heath
Brent Heath

Rescue Me

genre: Rock
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Written July 2009
Rescue Me
01/10/19 06:10:44PM @moquinn:
Oh yeah!!!!!!!! I am enjoying my MixPosure explorations today
this is a precious rawkin gem
& 11 years later it is still dynamic & relevant to our times
thank you for sharing your music
& making it available for download

09/28/08 06:32:40AM @steph-klish:
Again something i used in the same song as the bell ,thunder.
This track starts out with a Queens Ryche flare and has that Chris D guitar texture in the chords of this track.
Vocals and harmonies are great in this track
all instruments fit tight and work well together .
like the pick up twards the end of the track
well arranged track
glad to hear this track guys

09/26/08 06:04:05AM @dazed:
Kind of with WHP here. I liked the previous tune so I thought I would jump on this one. Is it me or are the voxs similar to Geoff Tate? Great company to be in.

Another great tune! Guitar work is killer as is the melody structure on here.



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