Brett Service
Brett Service
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@Bill Abernathy, 12/11/13 08:59:38PM
I hear you have a new Christmas song... Lets hear it...
@mzmusic, 12/05/13 10:21:28AM
Hi Brett, Came by to check your page, Nice Sound, great voice. Have a great day. Nancy
@Brent Brown, 11/29/13 11:50:54AM
Hey Brett, Thanks so much for stopping by mate. Really appreciate your listening and comment.You Have some great sounding stuff on your page my friend, Just listened to first track, but sounds great. All the best to you. B
@cam.molloymusic.7, 11/26/13 10:15:14PM
Hey Brett, thanks for stopping by. Seems we have similar influences and mutual friends.
@October Road Acoustic Duo, 10/22/13 10:14:01AM
Hi, Brett! Just stopping by to listen to Water's Face and Let Love In and show your page some love. Great material. Hope you are doing well. Talk to you soon. All the best!
@Barefoot Music, 10/16/13 12:15:52AM
Thank you Brett for the follow along of my page. Welcome to this amazing community, it was quickly apparent to me that everyone here has a wonderful gift for creating a feeling of a tight community based on music.
It's so awesome to meet you, and to add your music to my house.
@Farrell Jackson, 10/14/13 09:54:35AM
Hey it's my friend Brett! It's great to see you have joined the Mixposure family. I've been here for a long time so if you need any help navigating the site feel free to PM me. Welcome aboard!