Brian Brooks
Brian Brooks
Brian Brooks

A Room with a View

album: Everything Takes Forever
genre: Soft Rock
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A Room with a View
07/01/18 01:43:45PM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
Hi Brian, I so much love this song. Lost you for a while, doctor explained "chemo brain" is not just a word, it really happens that for a while lots of names and other details are a blank in your mind. Nevertheless, I had this song in my head, it would not go away. In the hospital they gave me a room with a view, that was very helpful, I kept posting little "updates from A Room With A View".. Shortly, 2 days ago, I recorded this, it's just a rough note, made a little movie for my daughter. I started to write this in that room now a bit more than 2 years ago and day before yesterday I was able to sing it in one take. Thanks for being there in your song, in my heart, all this time. Love you and I so love this song. So this is like an answer to that. Enjoy!For Sharon who was never far away and the Crew of Mikme who helped me to stay.
Doug Dickens
04/10/18 09:05:40PM @doug-dickens:
Just love your lyrics Brian ...


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