In A Dream

genre: Instrumental Hard Rock
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... and now for something completely different.... 
In A Dream
11/19/18 01:04:04PM @bryanstevens:
Thanks so much for the very kind words. I never fail to be humbled by such a positive reaction. This song was especially meaningful and seeing such a positive reaction lets me know that I captured some of the emotion I was hoping I would.. Thanks again and I appreciate everyone taking time to listen and comment.. Rock on.... B
11/05/18 02:32:38AM @butimwiththaband:
Awesome work! I can’t wait to hear more. Extremely talented guitarist. If this is what you call ‘different’, then sign me up. Thank you @bryan-stevens 🎧
Bryan Stevens
11/04/18 01:35:49AM @bryan-stevens:
Thank you much for the kind words... I originally planned on this being a single clean guitar with no dubbing.. but compromised with the harmony part and adding a bass line but no drums... 🎼🎸
carol sue
11/03/18 09:41:38PM @carol-sue:
You say.. this is "something different" from you?"
Well, I can only imagine what your normal sounds like.
There is nothing like hearing an amazing instrumental,
with a sweet guitar at it's lead. Love it. Bravo *****


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