Love won't leave me Alone

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Rock and Roll
streams: 135

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John Schlitt - lead vocals - Bilbozo - lead and rhythm guitars - harmonica - Buddrumming - drums and percussion Really like to thxs Bill for asking me to...
Love won't leave me Alone
07/20/13 08:49:05PM @planetjazzbass:
Hey Bud...man,hard rockin going on here alright!...excellent mix,with some cool playing ala Bill,plus most notably the drums!! lol.....freaking backbeatsville eat your heart out!...way cool all over...cheers man! Dave
07/20/13 12:24:27AM @mach:
Classic Rock tinged with some Blues Rock is a quality recipe for some tasty rocking. This is great on all levels of musicianship. Congrats to all involved on this collab.


07/14/13 11:53:45PM @vig-wig:
Somehow I missed reviewing this song. SOTW is too limited an award. This song is song of the month or something. It is one of the best rock tunes I've heard on here. I have played it on all my shows for awhile. I just love it, love it, love it.
Vic aka vig

07/14/13 04:08:32PM @the-truevulgarians:
This is really an excellent song Bud and congrats on having the SOTW. You're the real deal and you and friends have whipped up one kick-ass solid rock 'n roll tune right here.
Farrell Jackson
07/14/13 11:49:31AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Bud and crew, congratulation on being selected as Mix's SOTW. Well deserved for a good song!


Lyrical Princess
07/14/13 01:03:54AM @lyrical-princess:
This song ROCKS .. And I'd like to give credit where it is due.. The three of you did a Spectacular job on this.. Love everything about it..5*****'s + Thank You for the D/L :)

All The Best,

07/12/13 02:32:49PM @chrickon:
Solid Rock track, excellent performence by all!!

07/06/13 06:32:54PM @tlt50:
Sweet track.......All the musicians in this, Kick musical butt.Awesome *****,

Larry T

07/05/13 12:30:46PM @ron-kauffman:
Damn fine track ya got here. I had to listen twice. PEace, Ron
Farrell Jackson
07/05/13 10:18:06AM @farrell-jackson:
A GREAT ROCKER! The singer has a great rock voice with a hint of Don Henley's tone in his style. He also wrote a good song! Bill your guitar and harmonica work is fantastic. The harmonica adds something special to the music. Bud puts real kick into the beat and keeps it on the edge. Nice work guys and it's got me rockin!


07/18/13 09:45:49PM @david-c-deal:
Fine, fine song. You guys are talented. Bill the harmonica is so good it sounds like your main instrument.
07/06/13 03:48:53PM @bigpete:
great classic rock vibe tight performances and production, superb work.
07/18/13 05:12:15PM @josephrodz:
OMG! I thought i leaved some review but I let you kik my butt for not doing so,You guys know that every piece of music you do and done I always love it,but this crack the charts so damn well. If you keep doing this kinda style I book you to Puerto Rico.


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