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Two-time CCMA ...(Canada Country Music Awards) award-winner Entertainer's of the Year and Backup Band of the Year artist Kevin (Bud) Marcy. Born in Grande Prairie Alberta, Bud has driven his 35 year career with his country, rock, blues influenced drum mastery. Bud toured with the likes of Buddy Knox and the Party Dolls for over 6 years. Touring with the Ventures, Bobby Vee, Bobby Curtola, Ozark Mountain DareDevils, Burnt River and many more great artists and groups.. Bud attended and graduated from Grant MacEwan Music College in Edmonton. Over 150 drummers started out on the music course and only 4 i think graduated the 2 year course. Bud has worked in Canadian and American groups such as The Houserockers (Nanaimo), Black Cat Bone with Micheal Patrick (Nanaimo), The Canadian Sweethearts, Lucille Starr, Bob Reagan, The Angel Triston Band, The Now, DMT Allstars and Hal Whitford, Southbound Freeway, 5 Star Band, Buffalo Country, Cariboo, Penny, Silver Mountain Band and Kidd Country. Bud has been on stage with Sergio Mendes, Hoyt Axton, Johnny Lee, David Sterling, Al Cherney,  Jackie Gleason to name a few...

Bud was signed with Peavy International and with Danny Makuras Talent Agency with D.M.T. Records for over 15 years. His personal manager was Danny Makurus of Danny Makurus Talent Agency Ltd. Bud worked with Ida Banks Talent Agency, Sam Feldman Agencies and Music Factor, Studio City Agency to name a few. Bud has worked in Sundown Recorders and with Gary MacDonald at Damen Sound Trek Studios in Edmonton, Electric Ladyland Studios in New York, Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver. Worked with some great musical producers over the years on projects were Gary Dere, Roger Monk, Gary MacDonald, R. Harlen Smith, Barry Allen just to name a few ....Please don't ask me to list all the musician friends I have worked with....Bud has produced  live charity TV musical shows at Shaw Cable in Nanaimo ( trust me this one, I had alot of help from my musical friends).......thanks to all of them.....you all know who u are..all the recordings over the years...can't even remember...lol..

 Thx to my business partner and musical friend Bilbozo (Bill Smith) for the last 15 years or more..Matt Beazly..what a drummer and personal good friend. Gee Dan Productions Promoter Gene Danials, Promoter Tina Coldwell, Brent Classon (Whole Hog Produtions) Carlin Caryk , Melva White, Sylvia Smith, Paul Hutzler, ...the list goes on forever...lol...i can't forget to mention my musical band of friends ...Nanaimo's own "The Houserockers" ...we have been jamin  together for over 20 years so far...Scott (bassman) Macleod, Richard Getson (Richie Rockstar), Brian Plummer, Brian Beatty, Chris Zamba, Limey Luke, Lee Warden, Earle Gibson, Ken Scardina, Todd Sacerty, Andrew Oye, Mike Jarvis, Lindsey Martell, Tim Porter, Phil Hagen, Dave Pittet,  Rob Cross, Brian Kehoe, Jay Stevens, Danial Dube, Neal Evans, Pat Barrett and the rest of you canadian looney houserockers and rocketts...hehehe...keep jamin....  Thx Guys...aiso like to thank our dedicated fans and friends for putting up with us and me over the years...I wish to say this.. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

MIXPOSURE rules for me...Dazed and all the Mixers on here that make all these beautiful original tunes possible on mixposure... awesome....I am enjoying studio drumming, audio production and sound engineering now...I sneak away play live once in awhile....well, it seems I am starting a new musical chapter in my book of my life now...Keep writing I say....always remember "the music is the drug".....Thx Bud

I would like to thank a few people for being a major influence on me and giving me a drum workout...Dave Weckl, Tommy Igoe, Marvin Taylor, Vinnie Colaiuta, Spencer Strand, Peter Vogl for providing me drum workouts so far...
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Dont get your Hopes Up - Ian Perry

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album: Ian Perry
genre: Rock
streams: 28

Dont get your Hopes Up - Ian Perry

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Farrell Jackson
05/23/14 05:48:34PM @farrell-jackson:
Ok I'm back for another listen to this rocker. Ian rocks at 13 years old, I can't wait to hear what he does at 14!


05/17/14 09:40:37AM @the-truevulgarians:
This young artist is pretty amazing. Kid can rock your socks off and, no doubt, benefits from Buddrumming's tutelage. As I understand it, he plays all the instruments on this one along with the vocals. Hope I'm around long enough to see where this young man ends up! Very cool song for sure!
05/15/14 01:37:01AM @hooker-green:
Hooo what an explosion. Dynamite!! Powerful rock tune. Really like that guitar sound. Coll voice sound. Compliments.
Hooker Green

Farrell Jackson
05/10/14 11:49:45AM @farrell-jackson:
A real rocker from Ian! Nice guitar work and it's great to hear that his voice is seasoning. He's singing with real conviction, confidence, and with very good pitch. Excellent engineering and production also Bud!



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