Dont get your Hopes Up - Ian Perry

album: Ian Perry
genre: Rock
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Don't get your Hopes Up - Ian Perry - vocals - guitar - keys - bass - drums Ian has been rehearsing this tune with his band ... I told Ian we better get you...
Dont get your Hopes Up - Ian Perry

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Farrell Jackson
05/23/14 05:48:34PM @farrell-jackson:
Ok I'm back for another listen to this rocker. Ian rocks at 13 years old, I can't wait to hear what he does at 14!


05/17/14 09:40:37AM @the-truevulgarians:
This young artist is pretty amazing. Kid can rock your socks off and, no doubt, benefits from Buddrumming's tutelage. As I understand it, he plays all the instruments on this one along with the vocals. Hope I'm around long enough to see where this young man ends up! Very cool song for sure!
05/15/14 01:37:01AM @hooker-green:
Hooo what an explosion. Dynamite!! Powerful rock tune. Really like that guitar sound. Coll voice sound. Compliments.
Hooker Green

Farrell Jackson
05/10/14 11:49:45AM @farrell-jackson:
A real rocker from Ian! Nice guitar work and it's great to hear that his voice is seasoning. He's singing with real conviction, confidence, and with very good pitch. Excellent engineering and production also Bud!



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