Back Seat Love - Doug Lagasse

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Rock and Roll
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Back Seat Love - Farrell Jackson - vocals - Christopher Tate - guitars  Douglas  Lagasse - rhythm guitar - Scott Macleod - bass - Bud Drumming - drums -...
Back Seat Love - Doug Lagasse
Farrell Jackson
06/08/13 03:51:24PM @farrell-jackson:
Great song Doug! Bud's production is tops on this along with his drums, Chris' guitar, Doug's guitar, and Scot's bass, It sounds like this band has been together for a while. Thanks for the invitation to do the vocals on this....you all rock!


Lyrical Princess
06/07/13 02:52:45AM @lyrical-princess:
Start your engines.. vroom ,vroom..
I don't remember the backseat love (We always had trucks ~ LoL).. But I sure miss those old Drive In's with the speakers hooked to the windows..
What a cool song you guys put together here.. It's a great head boppin & toe tapping song .. I'll be sure to leave my speaker undamaged and attached.. This was real fun.. To all involved .. "You Guys Rock"!! I really enjoyed my listen :)

All The Best,


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