No Pressure - Randy Gabel

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 104

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No Pressure Randy Gabel - guitars - Scott (bassman) Macleod - bass - Buddrumming - drums Randy Gabel is quite the guitar picking rock guitarist if u ask...
No Pressure - Randy Gabel
Mista Perez
05/02/12 01:57:50PM @mista-perez:
Now this is a nice laid back rock track. A slight zz influence but I hear the "No pressure" in it. Love when it gets into it at 1:04. This is really well played and enjoyable.
Farrell Jackson
05/02/12 10:14:03AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah this is a rocker with a touch of ZZ Top but not so much that it's a copy...it has a very original style to it. High praise to all and Bud your recording/production skills are tops my friend!


05/02/12 08:20:27AM @cooter:
Yes sir, good music, good vibes. Cool sound. Y'all done good, Budman.


05/02/12 06:58:32AM @josephrodz:
WOW! ZZ top in your studio?
This sound great,keep goin and making great stuff like this!

05/03/12 03:44:31PM @tcss:
Yes we do enjoy, thanks! And 5 stars cuz I write shitty reviews.
05/05/12 02:03:48PM @saturated:
Sounds great! .. love all the playing and production as well.. Good job!
05/10/12 07:30:03PM @kalola-kiss:
There is a driving force at once upon tuning this in. Keeps the pressure on throughout. Grand beat, head bobbing throbbing continuing along. I can tell you, one is not disappointed by the whole 9 yards delivered within such an awesome track!
Lyrical Princess
08/15/12 12:29:03AM @lyrical-princess:
I'm feelin' a bit under pressure trying to put down in words how much I think this song Rocks!! You guys did a Great job.. Really like this a lot :) WTG!!!

All The Best,


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