Restless Mind - Farrell Jackson

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Unknown
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V1 Deep thoughts, leave me alone Go talk on someone else's phone Please dial another number Let me be, I need to slumber Pre-chr If it was just one problem,...
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Restless Mind Farrell Jackson - vocals - guitars - instrumentsBuddrumming - drums - percussion “Restless Mind” written by Farrell Jackson Produced,...
Restless Mind - Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
03/28/13 09:50:59AM @farrell-jackson:
It's been a long while since I've listened to this version of Restless Mind and your drums are perfectly matched to the song Bud!


11/07/09 10:33:20AM @bigpete:
very nice production again Bud, everything is very live sounding like you're all in the room jamming and I like that, a lot of headroom not too much compression very wide mix, great performances from all, truly a great track, five stars.
11/08/09 08:50:43PM @bilbozo:
Hey Bud. Nice accompaniment on the track. You and Farrell have done a wonderful job here and I thoroughly enjoyed the song ! - Bilbozo


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