Walk Away - Bilbozo - Rolla - Buddrumming - Triphonic - Holley

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Rock and Roll
streams: 232

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Walk Away Triphonic & Holley - vocals Bilbozo - guitar - bass Rolla - keyboards - percussion Buddrumming - drums and percussion I would really like to...
Walk Away - Bilbozo - Rolla - Buddrumming - Triphonic - Holley
Lyrical Princess
09/13/10 01:33:13AM @lyrical-princess:
Hey Budd... Has been way too long since I've been by your page.. My apologies.. Have enjoyed this every time I have heard it in the chatroom.. Like Carol .. I had no idea who all was involved in the making of this.. Everything is Right on.. What an Outstanding Collab!! Kudos to you all

All The Best,

01/13/10 07:18:41AM @mel:
Wow, what a collab! Great instrumentals straight from the first beat and all the way through. The vocals are just lovely, a really powerful song. Well done all involved! Wishing you well, Melsi
02/05/10 09:54:08AM @genghisken:
What an absolutely amazing collab! The drums, the vocals, the guitar, the synth, made a monk cuss!!
01/11/10 05:37:55AM @dynamic-victorious-dejavu-diva:
Music is great; really lol
Bill&Bud's "Pull Myy Finger POlka"



11/04/10 09:09:11PM @dazed:
Gang heard this tonight and I am impressed. This tune is fresh and original. Definitely ready for airplay. Get it sent into Sirius. I am blown away gang. Awesome
Mista Perez
01/12/10 04:46:03PM @mista-perez:
Holy collaborations. Now this is how you collaborate. Glad I stopped by.. The vocals are nicely recorded.


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