I Feel Good - Ashley Pants and The Houserockers! Live at the Queens

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Duration: 00:04:16
I Feel Good - Ashley Pants - vocals - guitar - Luke Davison - guitar - Neil Evans - bass - Dan Dube - keys - Kevin (Bud) Marcy - drums

We were raising a little money for one of our favorite charity's "Nanaimo Blues Society" and yes, we did do a little jamin! Ashley Pants ! What a great vocalist... She has worked with me in the recording studio before and i knew that Ashley can really delivery vocally ... my buddy Christopher Tate invited or more like hounded me to come down to the Queens and watch her perform... Bud you are going to be blown away he says... yep, he was right...The cool thing about Ashley I found she can sing any style... rock, blues. country... anyways from the boyz in the band we hope you enjoy "Moondance" ....Ashley Pants with the Houserockers, thx so much, Bud

We were celebrating our good friend two-time CCMA (Canada Country Music Awards) artist Kevin (Bud) Marcy for making over 4 decades of entertaining and making music .....plus birthday boy for making it to 60 years old, Thursday, Sept 17 at the Queens Hotel in Nanaimo.
01/14/16 09:49:35PM @buddrumming:
Hey thx guyz ... so nice of you for sure!
Lyrical Princess
01/14/16 04:05:22PM @lyrical-princess:
WoW!! This is no less than Amazing. That Ashley can sure sing. And you still Rock those drums Budd. Outstanding performance by all! Love that song btw :) You all ROCK!!!!


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