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Working man ~Ft. Josephrodz

genre: Rock
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Music, lyrics + vocal - Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. Special thanks to Joseph Rodriguez - Instruments performed + production.
Working man ~Ft. Josephrodz
carol sue
04/06/18 07:49:12AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much @ron-bowes!!
04/03/18 09:05:41AM @ronbowes:
Another cool collab by two of mixposure'a best.
carol sue
12/21/16 08:15:42AM @carol-sue:

Thank you, Joseph!
Honestly, I never thought I had a great voice... but, I like to write songs, lol~
and through the years, you have given some of my songs such better potential with your amazing talents.  If anyone deserves a big career in music... that would be you!
A collaboration song for the heart, and mind?  I would love that!

Merry Christmas!
Carol Sue :)

12/19/16 07:00:47PM @josephrodz:

This song is for the hard working man because working with you is really hard

to fit your great voice, we need to do another song for the heart and mind.

hope you get it big in your music career.

carol sue
12/13/16 11:02:33PM @carol-sue:

Thank you, Viggy! It's nice to hear from you. Hope you have been well.
This was actually the 1st collaboration that Joseph and I had done
back in 2008, I think.
He had taken the original recorded version~ me on piano, electric drum, guitar & vocals~ and re-created all the music instruments (Joseph style!) around the original Tascam 4 track vocal recordings I had done. A few revisions throughout the years, landing on this mix in 2014. I was amazed at his talents, and style... and all these years later~ still amazed, I am. Thank you again, Joseph!

Merry Christmas!

12/13/16 01:56:27PM @vig-wig:

What he said,  your voice is like money in the bank.  Your music is nicely fitted to this track.  I see you and Joseph still have the magic touch.  Good job, kids.

carol sue
12/13/16 07:22:09AM @carol-sue:

Thank you, Dace!


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