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Once dreamed - ft. Josephrodz

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Song by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick - Music, lyrics + vocals.  Music rendition, all instruments + production - by Joseph Rodriguez. »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
Once dreamed - ft. Josephrodz
03/08/18 11:56:06AM @blue-sahara:
Awesome! Instrumentation and guitar work are truly amazing! Vocals are filled with Delay and Reverb which puts this song onto a complete other level! Surely innovative, and something one can hear day in and day out! Well done my friends!
03/06/18 01:15:41PM @shane:
Carol , you're sounding stronger than ever . Thumbs up to J-Rod as well !! compliments also on 'I want my heart back' with Ron Bowes.
02/20/18 08:51:24PM @driftingcosmicjellyfish:
Such a great song Carol (& Joseph) , a very beautiful vocal, instrumentation, very nice swung feel. "Once Dreamed" is timeless! Cheers, Andrew
carol sue
02/20/18 09:10:20AM @carol-sue:
Much appreciated~ thank you Bamil + Dace!
Bamil Music
02/16/18 10:39:20AM @bamil:
Wonderful music work 🌞🌴🎸
carol sue
02/16/18 08:32:21AM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> Thanks guys!
02/14/18 01:24:21PM @josephrodz:
Great as always you kikazz Carol!
02/14/18 11:44:42AM @david-c-deal:
Listening to the two of you on this song is like meeting and old friend who's been away. wonderful.
02/14/18 09:42:13AM @ronbowes:
Very cool collab


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