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Anybody out there? (demo)

album: Carol Sue
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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ANYBODY OUT THERE?  Is there anybody out there...   There is hope for our futures  There is love in our fellow man   There's desire's within us    To be the...
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(demo)  I've been trying to learn how to produce/mix better.    It's certainly a learning curve for me... just a demo for now.     ~hope there's...
Anybody out there? (demo)
carol sue
02/02/19 09:24:40PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much! Hope to try mixing this again when I feel better.
Really appreciate all the music tips!

01/28/19 09:11:43AM @ronbowes:
Sounds good to me Carol Sue. Nice one. Cool vox girl. When you master, once you have a good sound that you are happy with, save it. Use that as your default for any tracks in the same vein. Makes life a bit easier. And remember, rule of thumb, if you think the the bass and drums are just about right, then they need to be louder :-p
carol sue
01/27/19 12:13:03AM @carol-sue:
Wow, more helpful tips than I imagined.. ✌️😎
I'll try to work with the suggestions and try to mix again.
Really appreciate all the input, thank you all so much!!

@janeway Shane lol! You're worth far more than .32 cents! hehe.. ;)

01/27/19 12:02:25AM @driftingcosmicjellyfish:
Hi Carol-Sue, I really love "Anybody Out-There" a nice cool 1960's, early 1970's vibe, harks back to gentler, kinder, times, and I love your vocals, lyrics and guitar (sounds) after 1:40 in, plus the (12 string?) guitar textures, all the way through this nicely recorded work! Cheers, Andrew
tony cee
01/26/19 04:55:07PM @tony-cee:
nice song like your voice , love the lyrics …..cheers tony cee
01/23/19 03:25:39PM @tony-william:
Like the Music Category. They don't have this on Soundclick :) All I have to do is lazily sit at a Piano or Keyboard and I do appreciate Artistes that put so much into production and mixing.
01/23/19 02:39:41PM @tlt50:
Carol Sue, I really enjoyed your vocals and harmonies. I thought the mix was good, I could hear all the instruments, all done very well. Trust your ears and keep making music... :)
Farrell Jackson
01/23/19 10:28:29AM @farrell-jackson:
Yes I'm out just took a bit to complete my orbit so I could get back to this song. I think you did a fine job of performing, producing and mixing this Carol Sue. My in general mixing tip: practice makes perfect but just when you think you have it down something will throw you a curve...just don't forget the basics, like roll off the lows on tracks that don't need those frequencies.


01/22/19 01:05:27PM @janeway:
Hiya CSK. It's great to see your songwriting and musician passion continue burning bright. There's a lot of , pages turned in this number, ... anybody out there. Keep on rockin chikyo ! : ) The only tip i can see , regarding your Mix here is, you might want to consider upping the mettaexer by about 3 degrees, and pan the arabulationing hard left, while leaving the excopesterrum just ruight where it is. that part is parfect. Now, in the vocal, in the third verse, fourth word, in the second syllable, you need to strap a ducking modulator on that, but, doooon't let it bleed over into the aarrpeggio, because that would diminish the absolutely dynamic extremity that you've achieved in the lead up to your final outro.
now, one last thing , business is business and so , even though we're friends, if you do decide to impliment these adjustments that i've enumerated, i will need to invoice your nearest neighbor at the house you lived in before the current one, for the amount of, 32 cents. Rock on and , be happy that you have friends like me that can provide such amazing expert guidance. ,, no but seriously now, i'm going now to listen to more of your trax. lol.. Shane

01/21/19 12:06:02PM @blacksxord:
Enjoyed the listen and creativity! Keep rockin girl!! You are doing wonderful! More please!! 😈
carol sue
01/21/19 10:22:41AM @carol-sue:
((Thanks for being out there, Ricky))
01/20/19 07:50:24PM @wricky:
sounds very well recorded and mixed to me, like you are right across the room strumming and singing, On top of that a very cool song , out there..out there..~cheers!
carol sue
01/20/19 05:42:53PM @carol-sue:
Mixing tips welcome.


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