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I Love You (Until the end) ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf

album: All About Love
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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I LOVE YOU (Until the end)  Sometimes, I need to get away from it all..   Holding my breathe, taking my stand. I've been doing this for too long....
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We hope you will enjoy!  ©2019 Music and production by Mike Kohlgraf.  Lyrics and vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.
I Love You (Until the end) ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf
carol sue
05/17/19 07:09:50AM @carol-sue:
Thank you, kindly @lorne-reid :)
05/16/19 07:32:13PM @lorne-reid:
Fits right in with the rest of the album you two got developing. Cool keys! Always a great lyric Carol


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