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You Capture Me ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf

album: All About Love
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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  Song Lyrics
"YOU CAPTURE ME"  I'm trying hard not to be nervous, it's just a little too late..  When you come around, my heart anticipates.    You think you know me...
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©2019 Music + production by Mike Kohlgraf. Lyrics and vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.  For our upcoming album~ All About Love.   We hope...
You Capture Me ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf
carol sue
06/01/19 07:13:07AM @carol-sue:
Thank you @gary-dabrowski
Crazy work stuff lately.. I'll try to return your visit soon, my friend!
Have a blessed day! :)

Gary Dabrowski
05/29/19 09:54:35PM @gary-dabrowski:
'dreamy'...I like it!...
carol sue
05/28/19 07:40:24PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much for listening and for your support!
@keithsmusic, @ronbowes + @mike-kohlgraf
Thanks Mixposure

05/27/19 04:57:46PM @ronbowes:
Nice and laid back Kirkpatrick and Mike. Kudos. Like the sax ;-)
05/27/19 11:21:12AM @keithsmusic:
Very smooth. I like this very much.


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