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Be Happy! :) Ft. Mike Kohlgraf

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"Be Happy!"  
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Be Happy!  Music + production by Mike Kohlgraf.   Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. 
Be Happy! :) Ft. Mike Kohlgraf
carol sue
09/22/19 10:21:52AM @carol-sue:
Hi Gary!
Sorry I had missed your visit. So nice to see you, my friend!
Thanks so much for listening and commenting. :)
Hope to hear more music from you soon! @gary-carciello

Gary Carciello
09/05/19 04:29:15AM @gary-carciello:
This song has classy feeling. Great production and playing too.
carol sue
08/26/19 08:12:11AM @carol-sue:
Hi @billyd
Excellent to see you here again!!
Thank you and @lorne-reid for visiting.
Stay blessed my friends. :)

08/23/19 09:22:56PM @lorne-reid:
Feel good tune. Cool organ and guitar licks. Great job on lyrics and vocals Carol!!!
carol sue
08/23/19 12:06:08PM @carol-sue:
Well, the internet and notifications are not without their glitches sometimes, huh! hehe..
@michael-stone~ Awe, Thank you my friend! :) Keep making your wonderful music, too- I do enjoy listening! ;) Be happy! :)

@ronbowes ~ You rock, my friend!
Looking forward to more tunes from you too! :)

08/23/19 11:32:57AM @ronbowes:
Nice laid back song CS. Vocals are fine and the music as ever is cool from Mike ;-)
Michael Stone
08/23/19 11:32:05AM @michael-stone:
I gave you guys 5 stars ...
carol sue
08/23/19 10:48:43AM @carol-sue:
@michael-stone :)
I'm so happy you visited! I sure enjoy your music, and the Cd of yours that I've added to my collection.
Even though I didn't hit the 5 stars to your ears, sure appreciate the 2! ** ;) (sure it's my voice, as Mike creates such lovely music!! But hey.. I'm happy trying to be great! hehe.. ;) I just love writing songs@ Be happy my talented friend! Bless you and yours!

@mike-kohlgraf :)
Sure makes me happy to create music with such a kind and talented friend as yourself!
Many blessings!

carol sue
08/23/19 08:57:14AM @carol-sue:
Unable to copy/paste the lyrics in the song lyric section.. so I'm posting them here! :)

"Be Happy!" :)

Come over here and pour yourself a whiskey.
Drink until you're content.
Sit next to me- and share the old days.
Come a little closer, and make some new ways.

Be happy - so happy, everything is alright.
Be happy - so happy, that we have tonight.

Oh, my old friend~ it's so good to see you.
I'm happy, that you're happy too...
Never untouchable..
In my heart, your love is all over me.

Cheers to the old days- prayers for the new ways.
Make wishes that can come true.
(baby, baby) Come over here (baby, baby) and pour yourself a whiskey
(baby, baby) Drink until you're content.

~Making wishes that can come true.
~Everything is alright. :)

Come over here- (be happy) and pour yourself a whiskey.
Drink until you're content...

Come over here (be happy) and pour youself on me.
Love until your heart is content.
Sit next to me and share the old days.
Your love is all over me.

(baby, baby) Cheers to the old days. (baby, baby)
Prayers for those new days.
Make wishes that can come true.
Never untouchable for in my heart
Your love is all over me.. baby, baby~
Cheers to the days.

2019 Music and production by Mike Kohlgraf.
Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.


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