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@shawn.williams, 10/05/19 01:13:12AM
Please listen to my new song; Mrs. Mojo.
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@Moscato, 06/16/19 09:30:54AM
Thanks for your comment on our song, very Appreciated, Cheers, all the Best
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@wricky, 03/10/19 12:00:54PM
Thanks for listening Carol Sue , you are very kind and I hope all is going your way!
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@BLJ, 01/27/19 09:20:06AM
Hi Carol Sue. Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving such a nice comment on my tune. So awesome to hear you still making great music!
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@carol sue, 01/13/19 08:20:50AM
Hi Chris!
Wonderful to hear from you again!
Happy new year, my friend!!

Looking forward to hearing more great music from you!
Keep in touch, and shine on~ @Chris Georgiou :)
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@Chris Georgiou, 01/08/19 05:16:50AM
Dear Carol,

have a wonderfull day, a great 2019 and all the best.
Long time, but never Forget such great People and musicans like you are.
Shine on my dear
Chris G.
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@Axxmann, 09/04/18 11:45:40AM
Thanks for the complement on my track Hamebone Strut.
Listened to your stuff love it especially your voice and style.
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@PhillipFoxley, 02/21/18 06:33:11AM
Huge thanks for your comment Carol, very much appreciated and best of luck with your own musical adventure!!
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@Gabriel, 12/27/17 05:45:19PM
Hey You :-)
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@josephrodz, 12/04/15 08:56:37PM
Welcome back
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@Lyrical Princess, 12/01/15 11:24:52AM
Welcome back Dear Friend :)