Cathie Fredrickson
Cathie Fredrickson


album: Yesteryears
genre: Folk
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Memories can almost seem like dreams when looking back and realizing we have survived...

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Doug Dickens
04/11/17 02:10:42PM @doug-dickens:
From the lyric to the music, this is a masterpiece. Thanks for posting this Cathie.
12/30/09 04:36:24PM @:
Classic. I agree it has that nice 60's folk feel. Nice lyric and vocals. You are welcome to play around my campfire anytime.
12/30/09 11:38:17AM @mark-reed:
This certainly captures the essence of folk music. It has a retro appeal to those of us who recall earlier folk bands. I can certainly hear many influences in this. The song itself is great, for me your vocals and how your perform this make the number work. Nice fluent backing to support it. Great track look forward to hearing more
Welcome to the mix

12/29/09 09:43:39PM @mike-lynn:
I heard glimpses of Stevie Nicks probably because of the voice & style. Very nice smoothing track. Cheers / Mike
12/29/09 03:28:38PM @cathie-fredrickson:
Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to my song, just got here, and just now saw your review, glad you enjoyed, going to come and find you and listen too!!!!! :):)
12/29/09 03:00:26PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This fits a current fashion for late sixties folk (English and American) and the feel fits well including the strings. Most importantly it is a good song performed with a relaxed intimacy. Welcome to Mix Cathie. ftlpope
01/07/10 05:29:05PM @soundtrapper:
calm and stirring. Beautiful music and excellent vocals.
Well written song. -jeff

01/05/10 09:35:55AM @piperon:
This is definitely very captivating song, right from the start the acoustics is already so enchanting. And of course my favourite instrument of alltime - the melodiously flute. Most importantly, the goregousness of your vocal rendition is beautifully executed. The deep texture of your voice really reminds me of one of a online artist I heard before but I just couldn't recall her name anymore after so many years back. Forgive me not. Appealling lyrical words that goes straight to the deepest memory slots. Great work!

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

01/02/10 10:01:18PM @marc-morlock:
This is a very "Beautiful" song
mmmm so sweet & smooth


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