Chasing Arrows
Chasing Arrows


album: Life on Hold
genre: Rock
streams: 84

carol sue
10/10/18 06:04:46AM @carol-sue:
Song of the week~ and I can hear why!
Congratulations + Bravo!! *****

Martin Valins
09/02/18 06:06:21PM @martin-valins:
Really nice song !!
Farrell Jackson
12/14/10 04:31:52PM @farrell-jackson:
Nice song! Very good recording, production, and performances. I caught a hint of Freddie Mercury in your vox....I mean that as a compliment. A great listen and I dig the piano!


12/14/10 03:27:11PM @cooter:
What a cool tune! Love y'alls style. This is well done in all respects. Great sound.

A pleasure listening.


Daniels Notebook
12/18/10 09:11:50AM @daniels-notebook:
What can I say? jaw has dropped and I am blown away!!! To go on I would have to seek a publisher for the novel I would write about how this sound is exactly what the "radio" needs more of!! Peace, Jara


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