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By: Chrickon
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Just want to thank everyone for their reviews on Good Things ! Very much appreciated and i am really grateful. I am overwhelmed by all compliments and kind comments. The thing that really makes me happy is all comments about melodies, emotion and passion cause it is something i always try to strive for and if that reaches out and i can touch someone it is worth all time spent behind my DAW.
You are a great buch of friends, musicians, composers, moderators, site owners........that really inspires and gives me a really good time visiting IMS.

Love ya all !! :)


02/06/08 03:34:32PM @chrickon:
Yep thats me ! Watch out :)
02/05/08 10:29:51PM @tlt50:
Brother Swede...........You are a joy !!!!
Your Yankee friend :-)

02/06/08 06:20:06AM @chrickon:
Peter ! Is this what you mean ?

How to Make a Choker

A choker is an elegant item of jewelry dating back to Victorian times. It was thought to emphasize the elegance of a woman's neck and to contrast neatly with the often frilly collars of dresses in those times. These days, chokers continue to carry an air of elegance and are a sophisticated way to wear something on your neck. It is easy to make your own and possibly you will be inspired to make some as gifts for others.


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