My first Bass

user image 2008-03-07
By: Chrickon
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My first Bass

Have purchased my first Bass !! A Yamaha BB something ?
My fingers hurt but a lot of fun making this little demo :)
Back to practise !
Enjoy !

03/09/08 08:06:26AM @stu:
once you get your first bass... there is no such thing as guitar..!!

i honestly think Yamaha produce some of the best 'off the rack' basses of any manufacturer.. well done on your selection.. :)
i still have an RBX800 lying round somewhere... light as a feather... and really quick too.

ps... if your slapping (and thumbing)... take care of the callous on the side of your thumb for a little while... even tape it initially... it won't kill the sound too much.

03/09/08 03:21:29AM @ab1:
that is great news christer.. and you sounded awesome on that demo brother.. I've got a 4 string Dean and a 5 string something too.. love playing (and teaching) bass.. almost more than guitar.. got my own bass on several songs now.. keep it coming.. sounded dynamite.. :-)
03/08/08 07:03:55PM @dazed:
fantastic!! added a review on the page!


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