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@mikestrat664, 11/20/14 09:31:06PM
My name is Michael Paul Stratton, and I am a funny hip hop music artist, please check out my funny songs for laughs, and giggles!
@BucTheGreat, 08/24/08 10:15:13PM
Man you got it in the bank Satriani and Vai better watch out my brother Chrickon can dish it up on the guitar really love your work man.
@BucTheGreat, 07/15/08 08:20:45AM
Hi Chrickon, I have just joined this website and came across your profile really quickly. I really love your music and if ever you feel like collaborating with a 'newy' I would be really keen. I am afraid I am not a musician but a 'wordsmith'. I have a collection of lyrics and would love to find a musician to bring them to life. If this interests you at all I can give you the link so that you can have a read. Either way, your are a really gifted musician and I wish you well. Melsi
@BucTheGreat, 02/24/08 08:29:59PM
Skilled artistry on display... keep it going... !!!
@BucTheGreat, 11/23/07 10:33:48AM
I can't think of an artist I more enjoy. Being able to share stuff hot-off-the press, and even to have had to pleasure of doing one or 2 WITH you ... it's just awsome.


@BucTheGreat, 01/03/07 11:10:45AM
Congratulations on your fine music Christer - I really enjoy it ... thanks :)
@BucTheGreat, 12/05/06 05:28:29AM
Great sound from that little practice amp for shure, although I think the true sound comes from you.
@BucTheGreat, 10/06/06 05:25:25PM
I just helped my daughter do a report on Leif Ericksson, the viking. Any relation? BTW, you don't need a tube amp, your tone sounds great.
@BucTheGreat, 08/28/06 10:14:19PM
Chrickon -

I serious dig your music man! Thanks for bring such wonderful sounds here!