Chris Hall
Chris Hall


album: Neverland
genre: Acoustic
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Verse: You said that we would run away You said that Neverlands not far from you You spoke of never growing old You spoke of living in a new world. Chorus:...
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This is the first song i have ever written and the first song i sung on. Its got two acoustic guitar tracks and vocals. Please enjoy guys
06/01/10 08:24:29AM @mark-reed:
This is another very good song, your music is written to suit what you do vocally. Your voice is soft and distinctive, and the music plays to that. This has a nice balance which lends to an easy and enjoyable listen. Nice one
05/18/10 06:00:55PM @mark-cloutier:
Nicely done--i really enjoyed your picking and softspoken vocals! Soothing listen!
05/16/10 03:58:05PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Neatly chiming with the times - wistful and delightful - heard this material on BP's radio show yesterday. Good stuff. ftlpope
Luca Wulf
05/13/10 03:38:20PM @huge-artist:
Martin suggested I drop by :)

Well ti might be the first song,but the story doesn't begin there,nope.
A lot of years before this song,that's where it all began.
You don't get to play and write like that on day 1 or even day 101.

Your guitar playing is divine.
The sense of ebb and flow,effortless.
I kept thinking of Chris Rea....
You have his huskiness and tone.

Simply beautiful song,original and sparkling with light and life.


SOB Story
05/12/10 05:43:11PM @martin-elliott:
You know how much I like this track...great job...I still listen to this track from when you sent it to me a while back,

Love it ...great playing throughout!



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