Colaborations With ThePolarBear
Colaborations With ThePolarBear

album: Colaborations with ThePolarBear
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 65

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A colaborative effort from myself and David C Deal. David is my brother ... the brother i wish i would have had... We make music together and we find the...
03/05/14 12:15:46AM @kitmann:
Oh Hell Bear, I was all into the last song you and Doc did then you hit me again. I loved how it started with Doc having an almost Styx Grand Illusion feel to his keyboard work and then you hit it with that nice dirty sounding guitar that reaches almost a madman's mis between Santana and Jimmy Hyndrex. I bet I spelled that name wrong lol. I know lord willing, I'm going to write a song and ask Doc to help and you do the lead work. Wow!!!
12/24/13 05:30:08PM @david-c-deal:
Thank you so much Ked. You know it goes both ways.


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