Colaborations With ThePolarBear
Colaborations With ThePolarBear


album: Colaborations with ThePolarBear
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 77

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This tune was written and produced by Lee Selwood of LS productions.. I was asked to put some crazy guitar  on it.. so i did...    
Incarnate Word
05/09/10 12:17:57PM @incarnate-word:
I remember this tune. it was one of the first tunes I heard when I joined the mix. great gonzo guitar here. excellent performance and killer arrangement. great Job. Guitar tone is crunchy love it.
08/14/09 07:04:14AM @dazed:
Nice. I love the bass line on here. There are some great runs on here. Ked your playing is always a treat. Great tone and some nice bends on here.

Great job guys. Definitely has that "pro" quality.


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