Colaborations With ThePolarBear
Colaborations With ThePolarBear

Hear the Wind Blow w ThePolarBear

album: Colaborations with ThePolarBear
genre: Rock
streams: 85

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I am thrilled to be allowed to add my production and guitar to this amazing song.  Mocha is a very talented lady with gifts great and wonderful  
Hear the Wind Blow w ThePolarBear
06/04/10 08:47:35PM @n0mad23:
Great collab here. Personally dig how forefront the percussion is here, and creates a great balance with Mocha's powerful singing. When the guitar comes in, it goes to a completely new level. Awesome arrangement.
06/04/10 12:14:14PM @mark-reed:
Unusual, the major parts of the song a back in the mix whilst the percussion has a starring role. This never really grabbed me in the way a song of this quality would do. The vox are superb and the guitar lines are quality. that aside a very well produced song
06/03/10 06:54:01PM @bri-an:
aww nice toon! well done! sounds like you have alot of headway left in the mix as well....and that could be a really powerfully good thing.
06/03/10 05:34:37PM @miguel-a-wilder:
This is nice. I like the pop/rock mesh. The vocals are sung well, but seem a bit low.
06/03/10 04:28:51PM @gary-powers:
Good Job Ked ! I liked it, had a very unique combo of instruments the hook on the Keys notes added a nice little touch and your playing was what was called for and done very tastefully, this was a good listen all the way through! Hats off to Mocha and You ! Gary
06/03/10 04:11:21PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Amazing Ked, you thanked me for the review before I wrote it!! Must be that rent in time I have in my small abode. lol Knockout opening and the overall feel is to add a great deal more gravitas which really lifts this tune to another level. Great work guys and gals (if one can say that anymore). ftlpope.
Incarnate Word
06/03/10 03:18:57PM @incarnate-word:
yes this is awesome. great guitar touch, gives it a very hip rockish sound. very complimentary sounding. killer job . I think this was a great choice to add guitar the song was already incredible but the guitar takes it a new level higher and adds a hell of a lot of emotion and bite. reminds me of an evanescence tune.
06/03/10 02:11:26PM @joel-tuttle:
nice job
06/03/10 12:21:50PM @josephrodz:
Great production,voice and a killer guitar work,you guys done it. 5/5


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