Colaborations With ThePolarBear
Colaborations With ThePolarBear

Delicate Truth

album: Colaborations with ThePolarBear
genre: Instrumental
streams: 207

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KED and DCD   KED all guitars, bass and drum programingDCD all organ and piano KEDrecords production.
Delicate Truth
03/04/14 11:22:43PM @kitmann:
Bear..Wow you and Doc just brought it..Bang!! Doc had that REO Speedwagon Keyboard sound, To me, and lord I wish I could get the sound you are getting from that guitar and set up. Damn brother I am flat in awe of this song. The way you both intertwined the notes, the chords the progression, it was flat out one bad A@# song my friend. Thank you so much for hooking me up with the song.
03/21/12 08:30:31PM @gene-smith:
This is very nice! Piano, organ, guitar what more could one ask for?
Incarnate Word
05/09/10 12:11:51PM @incarnate-word:
I love the piano and the mixture of guitar styles. very classy piece here. I love the melody has a synchronous feel.great transitions and arrangement, excellent performance. Most excellent organ.
05/11/09 01:45:31PM @david-c-deal:
Ked, I think this song rocks!! (in a jazzy kind of way). I feel very lucky you asked me to add a few keys to it. I am honored.

Thanks, Dave

05/10/09 12:49:24PM @mark-reed:
This is very nice, liked the variation that runs through this one. Sweet collaboration guys well done


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