Colaborations With ThePolarBear
Colaborations With ThePolarBear

ThePolarBear and the Green Pumpkin

album: Colaborations with ThePolarBear
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 54

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A song from BigPete.. that i had the pleasure of playing on
ThePolarBear and the Green Pumpkin
Incarnate Word
05/09/10 12:21:40PM @incarnate-word:
yes this is a timeless piece. very good vibes and energy here. guitar work is timeless. this is a song that transcends time. excellent arrangement and performance.
Rob Grant
12/05/09 09:43:49AM @rayon-vert:
I like the percussive dynamics of this track and the fall back to the acoustic guitar. It's a straight ahead rush of your pure guitar playing talent....and that little burst out at....around 2:28 or so...Chilled me......a very wild burst of controlled and very tasteful notes...LOVED IT!!!

12/06/09 01:17:19PM @iam-dunn:
Ked-a-riffic. Very nice collaboration. Excellent production and wikked, in-yer-face guitar riffs. A very enjoyable listen.

When I grow up, I wanna be like Ked!! 8)

Iam Dunn - 8)

Mista Perez
12/06/09 07:29:21AM @mista-perez:
Love the production on this...full in your face production which suited this track well.
bill b
12/05/09 12:45:04PM @bill-b:
Lots of string bending licks punctuated by some nice melodic intervals and tones. Has a cool drum and rhythm track. The guitar lead mix was clear, the background slightly thick.


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