Music is the Currency

album: CONDUIT
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 201

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Music is the Currency
02/03/14 03:27:22PM @bustert:
Clean and good! PErfect guitar(s) 5 stars for it!
Incarnate Word
09/10/09 11:54:19PM @incarnate-word:
I hope you dont mind. Very different from what I thought. very clean and Gently provokes the soul to the edge of smoothness. Has a familure melody.Great Job.
04/18/09 12:35:45PM @mark-reed:
The title drew me to this one, this is so laid back it's almost lying down. The music is crisp and well executed. The vocals are so smooth it's like ice cream sliding down the cornet. Excellent number I'll be back to catch some more soon well done
08/27/08 11:24:46PM @blue-sahara:
Finally got around to stop by at your new project Conduit ... Great ideas melted into a unique soundscape. The guitars interact nicely with each other and the bass is awesome! Congrats and good luck for this project!

09/23/08 10:18:41PM @piperon:
I heard a lots of rock and blues stuff. But this track gave me a difference feeling, it is like Jazz mixed into blues into rock. The only word I can say about this track is SEXY. Yes, sexy - perhaps, it is your vocal that mislead me. LOL! I believe your real life goes pretty smart with all those bondies around you whenever you play this music.

With million o f love from Singapore
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

11/02/08 01:47:00AM @henry-harrington:
This is very jazz oriented Ked, yeah this is and will be inspiring. Thank you for the encouragement my friend!
08/23/08 07:24:42PM @stratoace: vibe and groove...strat
09/08/08 07:34:04PM @ketan:


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