Let the MUSIC Out!

album: CONDUIT
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 136

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open up your ears and let the words in
Let the MUSIC Out!
Incarnate Word
09/11/09 12:18:30AM @incarnate-word:
I read WHP's review and it was so good I had to listen to this song again, now that is just crazy...
The voicals in this Cling to the walls of the skull and enduce a sence of forboding into a rhelm of shadows and lights. Awesome. true Poetry.

09/23/08 10:20:46PM @piperon:
I like this drum progression along with the guitar pathing the way for a good tomorrow. It is very rare to have such music and radio active voice just make it more interesting.

With million o f love from Singapore
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.


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