War and Aftermath

album: An Introduction
genre: Progressive rock
streams: 25

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Song referencing the war of fear and its aftermath.  Instrumental
War and Aftermath
sly puppy
12/03/17 11:39:25AM @emocion:
Now this track is more what I was expecting from your name much more cyber feeling to this. A heavy atmosphere with a darkness running throughout and the guitar is a partner in crime as supposed to the star.

I like the raindrop bass arpeggios and the lazy bass - the transition from each of the sections is perhaps a little harsh and unexpected at times.I read your bio and realise you are working toward better transitions so practice with each track - in this genre the changes can be dramatic or sedate. But it’s very easy to fall short of either ...

There’s a synth patch in this track that sounds so much like Duran Duran’s Nightboat it’s uncanny almost like a sample!

You certainly make some great soundscapes



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