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David C Deal
David C Deal

Help Me Fly (instrumental version)

album: Unpublished
genre: Acoustic
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In submitting Help Me Fly for licensing I was asked to prepare a version without vocals. I kind of liked how it turned out so I decided to post it....
Help Me Fly (instrumental version)
10/11/19 08:19:49PM @david-c-deal:
carol sue:
Timeless beauty!
***** Bravo! :)

thank you so very much spacebud

carol sue
10/11/19 07:25:14PM @carol-sue:
Timeless beauty!
***** Bravo! :)

01/01/18 03:52:11PM @ms-p:
David, I heard this last night with Toni and TV doing the show. I simply love it then with the lyrics but after hearing this instrumental piece. I'm hooked on both and love this just a tad bit more. Hope I've not offended.
Simply put DCD, this is a great piece and I'm adding it to my playlist.

Ms. P

Lyrical Princess
06/16/13 03:09:16PM @lyrical-princess:
David ~ I heard this in DaddyRabbit's Mixstream Radio Show last evening.. I think it's every bit as Beautiful as the version with lyrics.. However, it's the music without lyrics that I can just put on replay & listen to throughout my day. Especially songs of this nature. Very soothing, where I can just drift off and leave everything behind . It also leaves room for the imagination.. Absolutely Beautiful.. Thank You for the D/L ~ Definitely 5***** + from me ..

All The Best,

Farrell Jackson
06/18/13 10:37:29AM @farrell-jackson:
Hi David, this is a beautiful sounding acoustical version. The lyrical version is also wonderful and I know it has a special meaning for you. But sometimes the music gets over shadowed by the vocals and covered in the mix. When that happens we just hear the overall song and the intricate parts aren't as easily heard. Thanks for posting this instrumental version so we can hear the intricacies of your acoustic finger picking...it does stand on it's own!


06/18/13 03:33:43PM @josephrodz:
This is one of the best song I ever heared in my life,you know sometimes that kind of song only come once in a lifetime,hope it comes againg in your mind & soul,10/10


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