David C Deal
David C Deal
David C Deal

Going Down (DcDeal, PEBailey, DCoonrod, PTebar, Buddrumming)

album: Unpublished
genre: Progressive Rock
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Going Down Don’t mean to whine, don’t mean to complain. I’ve had my turns, I’ve had some ways I’ve gathered armies, stood with friend and foe. Spoken...
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This is a collaborative effort with: PE Bailey: guitars, musical structure composition David c Deal: keys, lyrics, production, melody Pete Tebar: vocals...
Going Down (DcDeal, PEBailey, DCoonrod, PTebar, Buddrumming)
carol sue
10/20/17 04:23:23PM @carol-sue:
Love this song just as much today as I did years ago! :)
12/19/13 11:53:15AM @piyali:
Love it my friend! It's a superb collaboration...so heartfelt and beautifully expressed! Loving my listen!

Love and hugs to each and everyone of you superb artists who made this song so special!

12/08/13 05:08:26AM @kitmann:
David and everyone, I listen to this and it brings memories of listening to Bad Company for the first time, I can hear so many influences that you all brought to this song. And I loved it when I first heard it on Gene's show. This song has a Chicago/New Orleans blues feel, but different if you know what I'm trying to say. Love it my friends.

10/20/13 01:40:37PM @david-c-deal:
Thanks Doug.

10/20/13 05:50:09PM @Doug Dickens:
One of the many tunes here that is so outstanding; it makes a choice so difficult for me. But this one will be up on Tuesday's Showcase of Independent Artists for sure. Cudos on an inspirational and thoughtful tune.
Namaste ...

10/17/13 10:29:41PM @austn:
Luv the acoustic Vibe with a Kansas "flare of Air"...harmonies R sweet with the timely flo...Melodic bridge has great feel and vibrancy...a real progressive classy touch throughout...Be proud my friends this is a work of ART...~Austn
John R. Kennedy
09/14/13 06:46:53PM @john-r-kennedy:
David and all, This is a very nicely done collaboration. I like the arrangement, instrumentation, vocals and the mix is very nicely done. Awesome lyrics. Great work to all.

Peace and Blessings, John

09/03/13 07:49:54AM @admin:
This was just a superb tune!
Mister B
08/27/13 08:59:51AM @brian-brooks:
One of my all-time favourite tracks on this site or any other. Pretty much defies description, which surely makes it unique and an absolute rarity. Very well done indeed to all involved.
03/16/13 10:38:05AM @tcp-up:
Always nice to hear the successful collabs happening. This mellow piece is a bit deceiving as Pete's excellent voice is the primary focus. But there's plenty of instrumental bits that interact as well. I enjoyed David's intertwining bass line and Mr. Deal's keyboards. Phil's guitars are solid. Found myself wanting to hear some of the orchestral bits just a little louder. Fine lyrics indeed! Kudos gentlemen! ...B
02/23/13 05:25:50PM @durod:
This is awesome. Beautiful work and congrats to all on an outstanding collab. Thanks for the download brother!
02/23/13 01:28:05PM @tlt50:
Freakin'.....all star line up,, of fabulous musicians and music creators. Brilliant in ALL ways...gents. !!! Pristine production....with incredible skills...~OUTSTANDING~ *****

all the best,

Larry T

Doctor C
02/23/13 09:44:15AM @doctor-c:
Awesome collaboration and fantastic song. Congratulations, gentlemen!
Farrell Jackson
02/23/13 09:42:45AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh guys this is so good it's beyond words to describe it. You have all found and played the perfect parts to make this a mega Mixposure song. The thoughtful lyric, melody, vocal delivery, instrumentation, and mix is as pro as it gets. I'm truly impressed (maybe it's just envy) but you've got a real winner here fellas!


02/23/13 09:21:35AM @josephrodz:
WTG! killer song!
02/23/13 01:31:10AM @cooter:
Outstanding piece of work, gents. Killer tune.


02/22/13 04:56:20PM @mike-kohlgraf:
What an awesome tune from the beginning all the way to the end! Congrats on a VERY successful collaboration. Enjoyed it VERY much! :)


Mister B
03/11/13 05:50:41AM @brian-brooks:
I've returned to this full version, having heard the acoustic one, which I also love very much.
The lyrics stand up so well alone ( a truly great example of lyric writing), and with the ever-varied arrangement, plus Pete's soulful vocal rendition (which admirably steals the show) - this is very classy music indeed, with bucket loads of soul.
It's the sort of track you can return to, time and again, and still hear something new.
Well done, indeed.

05/05/13 06:56:06PM @scotswolfe:
A strong grouping of talents brought together to produce a moving ,powerful piece of music.Bravo and well done.
So glad I ordered your "Transformations " cd David.Finally got the chance to sit back and listen to it all the way through today.Excellent listen.

Mister B
03/11/13 06:30:13AM @brian-brooks:
Just one thing that's been lurking in the back of my mind about this track, and which I have hesitated to mention. This is meant in a totally supportive way, but I would love to see the stems of this track laid out and the synchronisation tightened up. That would really be the icing on the cake and make for a much more professional finish. The track is worth the extra time that would take, in my opinion....
As I say, I truly hope you don't mind my mentioning this - it's totally meant in the spirit of goodwill!!


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