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David C Deal
David C Deal

Recollections (Silent Words JoLee vocals, CarolSue K lyrics)

album: Variations of Recollections
genre: Ballad
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Recollections (Silent Words JoLee vocals, CarolSue K lyrics)
carol sue
05/05/19 10:39:46AM @carol-sue:
It's been a long time since hearing this, and it's just as beautiful as ever!
Reading through the lovely comments... my gosh, @bigpete was right. It has been 10 years now!
(theme to the Twilight Zone playing in my head, lol!) True honor to be a part of this timeless piece!
Thank you once again David (spacebud) + @Jolee, bless you! :)

02/20/14 06:33:50PM @bustert:
Ok, I say it in a german word: Ergreifend!
John R. Kennedy
10/29/13 12:27:54AM @john-r-kennedy:
Nice collaboration to all. Very nice instrumentation, arrangement, vocals and a solid mix. Great song with lots of feeling. Hats off to all.

Peace and Blessings, John

P Eric Bailey
04/29/12 11:36:14AM @p-eric-bailey:
I listened to this late last night (as I was working on our composition).

I just have one word for this piece of music. "Great"!


Luca Wulf
10/14/10 04:17:17PM @huge-artist:
That opening...
What were you saying about speaking without words?

Enter choir and lead vocals...

The orchestration is simply beautiful.
Even if I did not know you had alove of classical,I would make a guess that you did.
It is wonderful how you apply that to your works.

I'm a sucker for piano.
It is such an experssive instrument.

If I had one quibble,I REALLY wanted it to just go on and on David.
It is such a perfect pearl.

11/17/09 06:27:28PM @tcp:
Agreed with below. There is a place in the world for both version of this song, and Jolee did a wonderful job with CSK's lyrics. Super stuff no matter how it's cut....it IS timeless. Bravo! ..Blake
10/29/09 05:15:53PM @bigpete:
WOOOOOOW, something really great got even better, David this is what I call a track for eternety, timeless you will listen to this in 10 years and will still be moved, truly classic, great job Doc, please send me a copy for my show, thanks and BRAVO.

10/30/09 09:47:52AM @mark-reed:
I remember hearing this in instrumental form, The vocals add another dimension. Cracking piece of music very well done
12/21/09 10:17:46PM @genghisken:
Awesome song, just heard this on the Ride with Big Pete! Fantastic vocals and ambience, super piano. Just a great song!
Farrell Jackson
05/04/11 04:41:24PM @farrell-jackson:
This song is proof that a ballad can be very powerful without being a power ballad....excellent from all involved David. You've put together a song to remember here!


11/24/10 04:59:47PM @russ-deane:
Ah. Music to my ears David.. I play it often....Sweet touch on the keys... Strings are suberb. NICE! Your angelic voices are.....Angelic. Good deal David...Love to hear more like this


10/30/09 05:50:42AM @mike-lynn:
Great song. I like the atmosphere, the vocal and arrangement. Would be nice if it is also downloadable. Cheers / Mike


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