So Typical

album: Shadows In Light
genre: Rock
streams: 511

So Typical
06/03/06 09:18:41AM @george-shepherd:
Lyrics are good....I like the song...
08/24/10 10:54:35AM @mark-reed:
Went back to the very first page to find this, Great song with your trademark delivery powerful and solid. Having hear later productions from your page. I can see how your work has advanced in the production and packaqing. The vox here really stand out from the music. That aside another quality song. Nice one
08/13/06 06:51:42PM @raz:
The balance between the instruments and vocal didn't seem quite right but it doesn't hurt the song. The lyrics are well written and even more well sung. Whichever one of you that does the vocals is an outstanding talent. The backing track sounds kind of Fleetwood Mac and that is a compliment. All the best, Raz


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