That's It

album: Dazed
genre: Rock
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That's It
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 08:29:15PM @incarnate-word:
I like the guitar tone on this one. it sounds like its frying and is tight with the bass. The arrangement is great it has a very relaxed feeling and yet still posses the energy of a determined Attitude. Excellent Job.
Luca Wulf
06/23/08 12:17:18PM @huge-artist:
Ah yes,I know this version :)
Been doing some reviewing today as the sun shines ona new day.
Feels good to be back in the place I feel comftable in.
When all is said and done,as this plays,it really does show that the music is what REALLY does matter most to you,and to us.
It flows past,oh so smooth,and oh so richly.
Powerful,and yet very melodic.
The chrous is a definate winner.
Excellent musicsnship.
Let the good times roll mate.
Greatly enjoyed.


03/07/08 09:02:24AM @test200:
What a huge body of work here, great vocal on this one. The mix is coming across perfectly on my system. Infectious hook in this track, I'll have to make my way through this catalogue. Talented group of players on this stuff..
Main Pie
03/06/08 11:36:27AM @main-pie:
What a great tune done by a bunch of great talent!!! Absolutely fell in love with this song from the first time I heard it on RS Cain's show!!!
Sucks that I can't download it, but hey...I'll hear it on Monday nights and here when I get the urge!
Great Tune!!!!

02/24/08 03:07:11AM @that-never-was:
Great Rock sound from the start! Love the hook on the voice and drums and mix. Great tune!
02/19/08 08:06:51PM @self-tort:
Classic sounding track. Quality throughout. Great drum track, nice thick bass, crunching guitars and great harmony vocals. Really well constructed track with a huge hook in the chorus. Love the build up to the chorus....it sets it in the spotlight and the hook rises to the occasion. Lovely lead work. And then just the right middle up to set us up again for the hook. Great writing, performance and production.
02/18/08 08:34:35PM @henry-harrington:
You guys have a huge sound! Everything just works
Farrell Jackson
02/18/08 06:25:03PM @farrell-jackson:
Great Power Pop and Southern Rock combo! I like the harmony vox throughout and the big guitar sound. Excellent song writing ann production!


02/18/08 05:24:50PM @saladin-de-tolosa:
WOW ! The bass-reflex of my monitoring speakers blow my hair : that's a sign that can't lie.
Rob Grant
02/18/08 04:28:02PM @rayon-vert:
LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! :-) Had to have it....n' I got 'er now....hehehehehehe GREAT JOB!!

02/18/08 12:33:54PM @mark-reed:
Good number, liked the catchy lyrics. I could see this track on a film soundtrack somewhere. Nice work
02/18/08 12:20:37PM @tlt50:
This is a great song.Nice composition.......super production.Your skills and musicianship shine with every spin.Amazing vocals !!!! EXCELLENT track gentleman !!!

Larry T.........

02/18/08 11:18:02AM @henry-tarnecky:
Right at ya.. rock... vocals are straight on... catchy hook... good lead and well placed... nice recording too... well done!
02/18/08 09:45:21AM @hook-tree-road:
Great rock sound guys. Good hook, real radio ready. Great performances and great mix even on my early morning headphones.
02/18/08 08:54:35AM @michael-nunley:
Always a pleasure to spin one of yours!
02/18/08 06:59:06AM @mach:
Great tune guys. Very good mix FM...you know your stuff on 'da board. Dazed nice delivery on those 'signature' vox as always...we know that's you from the first word. Mr. P that is some great sounding drums...do you record with several mics positioned around your kit? Good job!
02/18/08 06:36:34AM @diva:
Very cool song y'all came up with (but, then, I wouldn't expect anything less from you guys!). Love that solo a ton. Super vocals. Great mix. Love the sound of that snare drum "pop" -- the whole package is dead-on. My kind of rocker.


02/18/08 06:29:27AM @ab1:
huge mix for a huge beat.. damn what a sound.. this is different from on by the same title from your page isn't it? I dug that one too.. maybe this is it.. that great hook man.. this is a classic big rock song.. stadium rock.. tasty solo.. after that the harmony vocals are really pushin the tempo man.. those live drums? sittin back in the beat now.. man that makes some heavy rhythmic tension.. love it.. awesome.. drags just right.. love your singing D.. you always hear that from me.. but it's true see.. HUGE SOUND.. FM.. you got the mix mastered!.. cheers..
02/18/08 05:48:13AM @ab2:
What a great Pro sound....Love the raunchy rock feel....Great stuff...

Peace n Love Mags xx :-)

02/23/08 01:31:35PM @michael:
Great job on this ..love the chorus it has a great hook
02/18/08 02:36:31PM @chrickon:
Wow !! What a great Rocker with some really catchy melodies ! Love the guitarwork and tones ! Think you guys never have sounded better !Awesome performance by all !! Production is as always excellent.


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