Carvin C850 Acoustic Sample 1

album: Dazed
genre: Acoustic
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This was a sample tune I did real quick to get a feel for the Carvin C850 Acoustic I purchased 4 years ago. An amazing guitar for the reasonable price!
Carvin C850 Acoustic Sample 1
06/28/17 06:54:22PM @vig-wig:
I like it too. Found it on the front page
07/23/12 09:19:10AM @john-frederick:
Tone is fantastic sound and arrangement is great go with it.
Luca Wulf
02/07/09 03:38:40PM @huge-artist:
Beautiful tone to it hasn't it?
A quick tune,yes,I guess it would seem that way when it is effortless...
This is alittle window into a whole different side of you.
Would't it be wonderful to sit down with an album of this sort of music on a summers day?
Beautiful and tragicly short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Degrees of Freedom
01/19/09 11:10:05PM @degrees-of-freedom:
Really nice acoustic sound, sounds like a very professional recording. Great melodic lead work too! It sounded like a small effect used in there half way through for effect, very nice work!
01/16/09 07:15:10PM @vesa:
Very neat tune...good bright sound on the 'Carvin', an excellent guitar, I'm onto my 'Taylor' soon. Fine piece of picking; most enjoyable Dazed. Just what I need in the early evening after a multi-tasking day. This sounds so soothing and rich on my best headphones. A minimal tune in a way, which makes me hear sounds out of my imagination, also helping to envison pleasant things altering into a most tranquil realm. You've done something very fine for my ears and mind, so my synapsis will calm down- a restful tune.
EXCELLENT artistry Dazed. Wonderful. Into my faves it goes my dear good amigo.
Your fan & friend. -Vesa.

09/13/08 07:21:14AM @emphyrio:
Nice relaxing sound.
U must make this a song its beautifull.

08/14/09 09:50:36PM @test508:
test 999
08/14/08 12:25:56PM @test200:
I wanted to hear these..very nice phasing brilliance to the sound, excellent playing to I might add, this kind of technique brings out the unique ambience of acoustics.
08/12/08 04:09:47PM @ab1:
beautiful dazed.. exquisite tone.. lovely touch and great feel.. this music has lots of soul.. very short but very real.. :-)
Rogers-Tennison Band
08/12/08 03:32:04PM @rogers-tennison-band:
One word {not counting the 14 I have just written and the word itself]: Nice
Artist Test
12/23/09 06:01:09AM @artist-test:
Test review 5
08/12/08 02:20:58AM @ab2:
Listened to sample 2 first, so of course after hearing that little gem I just had to come and listen to the other...So absolutely pretty...and ohhhhhh, too little of a sample...:-( More please.....

peace n love mags


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