Digger Stone
Digger Stone

I lie Awake

album: Songs From The First Floor
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 418

  Song Lyrics
This is a song i wrote and with the help of the Metal Master it really came to life. Thanks Joseph for all you did to make this a really good song..  
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I wrote this song about my soon to be x-wife... she never new it was about her, and as it turns out i was correct in my feelings. I am so much better off...
I lie Awake
carol sue
09/24/17 10:50:24PM @carol-sue:
Digger Stone + Josephrodz~
Excellent MixFlashback!! ~Bravo!!

knock.. knock~ Digger, how are you?

Farrell Jackson
04/26/13 11:20:22AM @farrell-jackson:
Digger and Joseph are kickn' a$$ on this one! Cool collab. guys.


10/22/12 07:09:45AM @josephrodz:
Wow!!! A KIKAZZ tune,and you KIKAZZ too!
10/22/12 01:19:28PM @autopilot-club:
Heavy and InYerFace opening, great sounding mix - almost sounds live. Your vox is massive on this track, Will


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