Digger Stone
Digger Stone

One Step Closer

album: Songs From The First Floor
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 218

One Step Closer
carol sue
10/20/17 04:58:19PM @carol-sue:
Mixposure classic! :)
Farrell Jackson
12/19/14 11:35:13AM @farrell-jackson:
Gary and Digger! Hard rockin' guitars and vocals....I love it!
10/19/13 11:29:28AM @the-truevulgarians:
Finally got around to reviewing this tune. I certainly agree with the other comments and just wanted to make it clear that,IMHO, you're one of the artists here on Mix who by their presence and contribution elevate the overall prestige of the place. Digger is one talented rock musician and it's a real pleasure to hear this one and all of his music! Always look forward to the next new one dude! Outstanding!
Lyrical Princess
07/11/13 03:05:46AM @lyrical-princess:
I don't think there's anything you can't do Digger.. This has always been one of my favorites.. Such powerful vocals.. Always loved this track.. You ROCK.. Keep Bringin' em.. And I'll keep rockin' to them.. Awesome job to everyone involved.

All The Best,

04/27/13 12:28:03PM @john-frederick:
Love this another great song from you really Rocks and moves great job here keep a rockin.


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