Forbidden Love

album: Forbidden Love
genre: Chillout
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One of my loops compilations with me doing the vocals
Forbidden Love
Bamil Music
03/22/15 09:01:18AM @bamil:
Great work my Friend!!!
05/31/13 09:36:14PM @kalola-kiss:
This is bar far one of your best plays Jon, absolutely magnificent!
05/31/13 09:37:06PM @mr-p:
Hot. Love the description and agree one hundred percent. Here at the Homeless Task Force working with homelessness on an everyday basis, I see it ten times more than the average person. This song is well worth the effort and for the songs sake, I love everyone...I mean that with all my heart.

Great tuneage Digi J

04/23/13 08:54:22AM @vig-wig:
This is worlds different than song by the same title by Gary Teed. I like that one but I like this one, too. It is really good. I like the drums. Vic
05/31/13 09:38:51PM @scotswolfe:
Haunting sound...well done...great voice .Bravo!!
05/08/13 03:04:49PM @the-truevulgarians:
This is very nice tune Digital-J! Very catchy lyrics and interesting musical arrangement. I hadn't listen to much in the way of your genre of music until coming to Mixposure and I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work!


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