Enjoy Your Life

album: Passing Dreams Broken Promises
genre: Electronic
streams: 50

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You only live once, enjoy your life or you will regret the things you never did, but always wanted to. Love comes and goes, if you dont give someone a...
Enjoy Your Life
02/14/15 07:26:12AM @reeker:
I see the three have beat me to the review and took the words out of my mouth. Really great track Jon! Love the build ups and groove factor!
02/11/15 06:40:33PM @vig-wig:
I like this one because it has many facets to it. It is not an incessant beat or melody, it has a variety of levels and has a rational trip it goes on like a sight-seeing bus. Vig
02/10/15 07:28:20PM @elektronz:
hi mate ,,this is a harder track than you`d normally come out with which we like ,,,youve got your own unique stamp on the tracks you do which is what we all strive for would like to hear you try some more styles ,give you more strings to your bow :) cool tune though matey ,,your knocking out some tuneage at the min :)


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