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<p>Dear all,<br /><br /><br />Some of your would of known me as the Mad_marauder, some as jez or just as DJ_JEZZA. <br /><br />Over the years I have been progressively loosing control on my emotions and could not face a visit to the doctor, however I was finally forced to when I hit a rather hard snag in my life.<br /><br />I have been aggressive to people, some of my actions here and in various other places have been brought up as possibly unbelievable.... The doctors confirmed to me that I have Bi-Polar, a set of chemical impulses that are not where they are supposed to be. This leads to depression, high bouts of excitement and swings from good to bad natures of emotion. Aggression it seems was my only way to explain these feelings.<br /><br />To anyone I have annoyed, seemed to be "full of myself" to etc etc, please take this an apology. It might not fix things in the short-term, but please be aware that although i might be an ass to someone, until my medication is sorted and all the rest of the paperwork/shrink work is done, I will try (no promises) to be friendly.<br /><br />And to the rest of the people on here that might not know me, <br /><br />Welcome to mixposure.<br /><br /><br />==Jez==</p>

10/24/12 05:18:23AM @digger-stone:
Only through insight can there be understanding...

Apoligy accepted! I hope you find your way and get well soon.

Will Johnson:

Formerly known as Dugger Stone

10/22/12 08:54:45PM @josephrodz:
Get well and welcome to mixposure.
10/24/12 08:33:41AM @cooter:
Good to see you around again, Jez. Take care of your health, good sir.



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